Two men jailed for robbing taxi driver - Luton


Two men, who threatened to stab a taxi driver and robbed him, were said by a Judge to be out of control.

Judge Michael Kay QC said the public needed protecting from Usman Saleem and Gregory Ugorji because their criminal activity had increased recently. He also said: "It is outrageous that taxi drivers are seen to be vulnerable to robberies. They are not fair game for people to just come and take their money when they are carrying out a public service."

Saleem, aged 22, of The Crossway, Luton and Ugorji, aged 24, of Thricknells Close, Luton both pleaded guilty to the robbery, committed on 18 June this year. They were each jailed for three years and four months on Friday, 28 August 2015.

Daniel Siong, prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) at Luton Crown Court, said the two men and a woman got in the taxi outside Luton Magistrates' Court before 8am that morning. The driver was directed to the Marsh Farm estate and in Buckle Close the woman got out. Then Ugorji grabbed the driver from behind in a head lock and Saleem said: "We have a knife. Whatever you have got give to use and don't scream." Ugorji repeated that they had a knife.

Mr Siong said they took a cash bag from the central console and the driver handed them £10 and they ran off, leaving the driver scared and shaken.

Counsel for the two men said no knife was actually present, but the threat was made to gain compliance. It was suggested that the woman who left the cab and has not been traced was behind the plan to rob the driver.

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