Two men jailed for false imprisonment, robbery and attempted robbery - Luton


Two men who took part in an ordeal of humiliation and threats of a 17 year old youth, have been sentenced to six years each in custody.

The victim was kept against his will for at least three hours, during which he was tied to a chair, had a bucket put over his head, had a pipe rammed into his mouth and a knife held to his neck.

He was also made to perform tasks and told he would be stabbed if he did not complete them, he was ordered to pick up dog faeces and rub them between his hands and then he was instructed to rob a shop. When his first attempt failed he was ordered to do the same at another shop armed with a knife.

Judge Richard Foster told the pair: "Your behaviour was nothing short of despicable. The victim must have been petrified and in fear for his life let alone being humiliated and degraded.

"It seems you still have no understanding of the level of your criminal conduct and the consequences of it. You have shown no remorse."

Before Luton Crown Court were Scott Patterson, 21 of Ravenhill Way, Luton and Jamie Redmond, 19 of Leagrave High Street, Luton. They both pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, robbery and attempted robbery.

They were sentenced on 14 June,  but the case could not be reported until today for legal reasons.

Mary Loram, prosecuting said, the offences took place on 22 October  2011 in Dunstable but the two defendants were not arrested until March last year. Three others who were involved with them have not been caught.

The victim followed the gang after they had taken his mobile phone and was led to some waste land and an abandoned building. Inside was a chair with straps attached.

"What followed was a campaign of humiliation and violence, while a knife was being passed around the group," said the prosecutor.

At one point he was made to stand on the chair and strip to his underwear, then he was tied to the chair again with cable ties.

Later he was escorted by the gang to some shops in Poynters Road, Dunstable. He was ordered to grab the till from a shop, but he was prevented from doing so by the manager. He was told to try another shop and made to take a knife with him.

The group eventually left him and he went to the home of a friend's mother and police were called.

When the pair were arrested five months later they said they knew nothing about the incident.

Bozzie Sheffi, defending Patterson said he was now showing signs of some maturity and recognised that what he had done was wrong.

Stuart Sprawson for Redmond said he had been an intelligent young man with aspirations to go to university but suddenly went off the rails in 2010.

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