Two men found Guilty of Murder in Unprovoked, Frenzied attack


Two men have today been found guilty at Luton Crown Court of murdering 49 year-old Noel Montague-Smith in an unprovoked and ferocious attack in broad daylight in Bedford on 31 January 2009.

Adrian Cybula (23) and Piotr Puselnik (28) of Bedford had been drinking excessively and arguing in an aggressive manner moments before barging into Mr Smith as he walked by.  When Mr Smith refused to retaliate, both men chased him down the street and proceeded to kick him in an sustained attack.  Horrified onlookers described how both men kicked Mr Smith and one man stamped on his head as he lay on the ground unable to defend himself.

Mr Smith later died in Addenbrookes hospital as a result of his head injuries, after his family confirmed that they wished for his life support machine to be turned off.

Bedfordshire Crown Prosecution Service Crown Advocate, Beverly Cripps said, "This was a truly shocking case.  On 31 January Mr Smith was going about his everyday business over lunch time on a residential street in the centre of Bedford.  Moments later he was lying on the pavement and subjected to a vicious attack.

"I welcome the jury's decision which shows that they agreed with the Crown that the defendants had intended to cause serious harm to Mr Smith, and that their actions caused his death.  The defendants have shown by the random and violent nature of the attack that they are dangerous individuals.  Todays verdict will ensure that they are prevented from repeating such a mindless act of violence for a long time.

"Our thoughts are now with Mr Smith's family and friends who have shown great dignity and courage throughout the trial.  We hope that todays verdict gives them a sense of justice and helps them to start to rebuild their lives."

Both defendants were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.