Two drug dealers jailed for a total of 15 years - St Albans


Two drug dealers, who were caught with over a kilo of cocaine and nearly half a kilo of heroin, were jailed for a total of 15 years imprisonment today, Friday, 24 October 2014.

Edgars Ancans, from Latvia, and local man Ricki Rodway were arrested after a police officer followed the car they were in early in the morning to a flat, off Waltham Cross High Street.

Ancans, aged 26, went into his flat at River Point while Rodway, aged 31, stayed behind the wheel of his Astra, St Albans Crown Court was told.

Prosecutor Geoffrey Porter said the officer searched the Astra and found a leather bag. Inside was a small wrap of cocaine, which was later found to have a very high purity of 77 per cent. There were two separate amounts of cannabis and £4,030 cash.

Officers with a police dog searched Ancans' flat and uncovered 461.7g of heroin, 1.41 kilos of cocaine and 278g of crack cocaine. There was also 650g of paracetamol that could be used as a cutting agent for the drugs, along with digital scales to weigh them, a Kenwood blender to mix them and a press that is used for compressing drugs into a block. In addition there were two face-masks.

Rodway was arrested and taken to Hoddesdon police station. At his former address in Melbourne Court, Waltham Cross, the police found cannabis and another £3,500 cash and some mobile phones. His fingerprints were found on a bag found in a shoe box that had cocaine in it and on a carrier bag in a wardrobe that contained heroin.

Ancans pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply on 09 August last year.  Rodway, now of St Margaret's Road, Stanstead Abbotts, denied the same charges, but he was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday, 22 October. He admitted possessing cannabis, a Class B drug, with intent to supply.

Stephen Mather, defending Ancans, said he had no previous convictions and intended to return to Latvia when he is released. He had become involved with drug supply after taking cannabis and cocaine. Since being remanded in custody he said Ancans had been attending drug courses. "He has spoken to his parents in Latvia who are upset and disappointed in him. He is a long way from home and is profoundly sorry. He had realised the error of his ways."

For Rodway, Wayne Cleaver said he had never been to prison before and had been a "hard-working industrious man." He said he had got into trouble after losing his licence following a drink drive conviction.

Judge John Plumstead told them: "There was over a kilo of Class A drugs in the flat. Both of you used drugs and would know the ghastly misery they lead people to. You pass on poverty and misery to those who take drugs who go onto commit crimes themselves."

He sentenced Rodway to 9 years imprisonment and Ancans to 6 years imprisonment.

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