Two drug dealers jailed - Watford


Two Watford drug dealers were jailed for over six years today, Friday, 31May 2013, after the police found nearly half a kilo of cocaine.

Officers raided Lee Cook's top floor flat at Forfar House in Oxhey Drive and found wraps of the drugs, scales, bags and dealers' lists.

More cocaine was found in a suitcase in Cook's VW Polo car that was parked nearby.

Cook and co-defendant Ozan Hendley were arrested along with three other people who were in the flat at the time. The other three were released without charge, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Alex Krikler said the total amount of the drug recovered was 494.77 grams. If sold in street deals it would be worth between £16,000 and £33,000. Text messages examined by a police expert showed that deals of between £32,000 and £38,000 had taken place between 09 February and 05 March last year.

Police intelligence indicated that Cook played a lesser role in the conspiracy than Hendley, said Mr Krikler.

Hendley, 27, of Hope Green, Watford and Cook, 24, of Forfar House, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply a Class A drug. Cook admitted the charge in January and Hendley changed his plea two weeks before his trial was due to start.

When interviewed by the police Hendley said he had only gone to the address to smoke cannabis. Cook made no comment.

For Cook, Rachel Darby said he was not involved in the conspiracy from the start of last year and only became involved in February. "He had developed a cocaine habit and was in debt. On occasions he bagged drugs for others and would be paid in drugs to support his habit. He accepts he acted as a custodian for drug dealers,"she said. Cook had worked as a builder from the age of 16 to 23.

Liam Walker, defending Hendley, said his client had begun smoking cannabis when he was at school, where he had gained 8 GCSEs. His drug taking progressed after he lost a job as a school cook in Borehamwood. "Events built to a crescendo and he became involved in dealing cocaine. He is extremely remorseful. Since being in prison he has tested negative for drugs and has worked as a painter," he said.

Judge Andrew Bright QC said: "Dealing was on a significant scale. "He jailed Hendley for 4 years and Cook for 2 years 3 months.

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