Trickster jailed - Herts


Trickster Jimmy Cash conned £18,000 out of a vulnerable pensioner by claiming he had carried out work on the man's home when he hadn't.

A court heard he got the money over a four month period in 2009, often driving the 71-year-old victim to his bank so he could withdraw the money and hand it over.

The victim was said in court to have been "easy meat" for Cash and, at one point, was even persuaded to sign over his house in Central Avenue, Northampton to Cash's mother.

St Albans Crown Court was told today, Friday, 15 February 2013, that the house has since been signed back and the victim is likely to get all his money back because Cash's bank account was frozen and his assests have been seized.

Today Cash, of Hemley Hill Caravan Site, Upper Icknield Way, Saunderton, Princes Risborough, Bucks, pleaded guilty to fraud.

The court was told that the victim, who lived on his own, was particularly vulnerable and had met the defendant and his mother who he thought were his friends. It couldn't have been further from the truth, the court was told today.

Cash made out he had carried out decorating work and repaired the gutter of the house. It was a lie, but the victim didn't have the strength of character to question or challenge him.

Gareth Underhill prosecuting said Cash had carried out a confidence fraud on a vulnerable and trusting victim.

Jessie Mond Wedd defending said he now wanted to turn his life around and move away from crime and lead an honest life.

Judge John Plumstead told Cash he had "groomed" a lonely and vulnerable man who he had regarded as "easy meat."

The judge said it had been a callous and cold blooded form of offending because for a long period he had pretended to be the victim's friend, all the time knowing that in reality he wanted to plunder any savings he had for his old age. He said it was disgraceful behaviour and likened Cash to a leech.

Cash was jailed for 27 months and told that money seized in his bank account will be used to repay his victim.

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