Traveller boss ordered to pay over quarter of a million pounds - Luton


The head of a family of Irish Travellers, who was convicted of modern-day slavery charges, has been ordered to pay over quarter of a million pounds.

Tommy Connors Senior, aged 54, must hand over £232,752.68p within six months or face another 3 years in jail.

At Luton Crown Court, Judge Michael Kay QC also ordered Connors to pay compensation of £43,000 and £15,000 to two men who were held prisoner on their site at Greenacres near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire.

In May last year Connors, who was known as Lyncham, was jailed for 8 years after a trial at Luton Crown Court. He was said to have driven the workers that he recruited like slaves and, in the process, made huge amounts of money.

Judge Kay told him he had targeted victims who were homeless, addicted and isolated who he knew he could exploit. The men would be recruited at soup kitchens and off the street, with the promise of paid work, food and lodgings. They would be put to work doing back-breaking block-paving work and laying tarmac and gravel, but weren't paid and, with the constant threat of violence, not allowed to leave.  Their heads would be shaved and food often consisted of  biscuits, pot noodles, cheese, soup, bacon, beans and eggs.

"It was a monstrous and callous deceit," the judge told the father.

Confiscation hearings against other members of the Connors' family have been adjourned until 08 October.

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