Three men jailed for honour beating - Luton


Two teenage boys were the victims of an 'honour beating' after they chatted to two girls in Luton's Arndale Centre. When the older brother of one of the girls got to hear about it he was so angry he ordered their abduction from the shopping centre. The victims aged 16 and 18 were bundled into the back of a car where Akash Ali, 20, beat up the pair.

Luton Crown Court heard on Monday, 23 July 2012, that he was assisted by two friends, Mohammed Dad, 23, and Hamzah Hussain, 20.

Laura Blackband for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told the court how on 12 February this year the two boys were in the Arndale around 4.30pm and, in the area of the market, got into a conversation with two girls. It was a completely innocent chat and eventually the boys walked off.

However, word about the encounter reached Ali, the brother of one of the girls. As a result, he instructed a group of young males to get the two boys and bring them outside the Arndale where he was waiting in the back of a silver Vauxhall Astra car driven by Dad. Hussain was in the front passenger seat.

Judge Michael Kay hearing the case was told the boys were led out of the back of the shopping centre and into Church Street where the Astra was parked. Having been bundled into the back of the car they were repeatedly punched about the face and body by Ali and Hussain. Dad joined in and both victims suffered bruises.

Miss Blackband said that both teenagers were then robbed by Ali. One had his BlackBerry phone taken and the other had an expensive watch stolen.

The court heard that the youngsters were eventually allowed to get out of the car and reported what had happened to the police. As a result, officers stopped the Astra about an hour later in Luton and all three defendants were arrested. Hussain was even wearing the watch that had been taken.

In court on Monday Ali, of Wickstead Avenue, Luton, pleaded guilty to robbery.

Hussain of Halfway Avenue, Luton, and Dad of Beechwood Road, Luton, pleaded guilty to two offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Hussain admitted two offences of handling the watch and the BlackBerry.

Yasmin Punjani defending Ali said it had been "brotherly concern" for his sister and he had acted completely out of character. "This was a moment of utter madness when he embarked on this course," she said.

Both Hussain and Dad were described as intelligent young men.

Hussain had lost his chance of becoming a professional accountant as a result of what had happened, the court was told.

Passing sentence, Judge Kay told Ali: "This was a form of honour beating to teach them a lesson not to talk to your sister. It was shocking and outrageous behaviour that will not be tolerated."

The judge added: "This was no doubt a frightening experience for the two young boys. They were frogmarched out of the Arndale and into this vehicle. They had no idea what was going to happen."

Ali was sentenced to 30-months detention in a young offenders institute, Hussain was sentenced to 18-months, and Dad received a 10-month prison term for his role.

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