Three men jailed for commercial burglaries - Hertfordshire


Three men were jailed today, Thursday, 20 August 2015, for their part in commercial burglaries in Hertfordshire.

Paul Purcell, aged 36, of Gateshead Road, Borehamwood; Quinton Gleig, aged 22, of Moordown, Woolwich, and Tom O'Flynn, aged 27, of Storksmead Road, Edgware all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle between September last year and January this year.  O'Flynn also admitted possessing fake identity documents.

Purcell, who had previous convictions for burglary and robbery, admitted being involved in two burglaries and said he made no profit.

Gleig, who was on licence from a previous sentence, was involved at the end of the conspiracy.

O'Flynn was of previous good character.

Judge Andrew Bright QC said the conspiracy was a "highly professional operation" that caused a significant loss.

Purcell was jailed for 40 months, Gleig for 30 months and O'Flynn for 16 months.

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