Three men involved in drug row jailed - Luton


Three men have been sentenced to a total of 22 years custody after they put a Dunstable family in terror after they claimed they had been 'ripped off' in a drug deal.

Initially the gang confronted the husband,  the alleged dealer,  outside his flat in Kiln Way, Dunstable and gave him a 'beating of some ferocity', said a Judge, which included kicking his head and taping his mouth when he screamed.

But Recorder Silas Reid, said they were not content with that assault, which included robbing him of keys and phones.

They then carried him ' screaming and kicking' into the flats. The victim refused to tell them in which flat he lived as his wife and two year old son where asleep there.

But one of the robbers used his keys to find the flat and they let themselves in.

Daniel Siong, prosecuting at Luton Crown Court on Friday said, "Inside the flat they demanded laptops and cash. One of them said: 'Give us your stuff or I will get a knife and slice up your wife'.

"They were given cash, about £900, but one of them picked up the son's money box, although when he was challenged about that he put it down," said Mr Siong.

"The flat was effectively ransacked and left in a mess. They escaped through a window as police turned up."

Two of the four strong gang were caught hiding nearby, one was arrested later and the fourth has not been caught.

Before the court on Friday were Simeone Oliver-Stuart, 19 of no fixed address, Imran Rafiq, 34 also of no fixed address and Jason Boamah, 24 of Mowatt Close, Islington. They all pleaded guilty to robbery and burglary committed on Feb 18 this year and were each given seven years and four months in custody. The Judge said they all had 'lamentable' records.

Recorder Reid said: "Each of you say the background to this was that you were supplied with some drugs of poor quality, and I will deal with you on that basis.

"You went to resolve matters peacefully but matters escalated and resulted in a beating of some ferocity.

"Not satisfied with administering a brutal beating you dragged him screaming and kicking to his flat.

"Inside, his wife had seen you rob him outside and was afraid for herself and her child, but thankfully the two year old somehow slept through the whole incident.

"It is not possible to say which of you was the ring leader but you each played an active role with gusto."

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