Thief jailed after spurning two chances - Hemel Hempstead


Hemel burglar John Butler paid the price after twice spurning a chance given to him by a Judge to go straight. Butler appeared back before the same judge at St Albans Crown Court on Thursday, 11 July 2013, and was jailed for 30 months.

In March of last year he had admitted conspiracy to commit non dwelling house burglaries and asked for 89 offences to be considered.They included break ins at shops and businesses up and down the country.

But when he appeared at St Albans Crown Court in 2012, Judge Andrew Bright QC heard Butler had shown a real desire to change his ways and was being considered as a suitable candidate to go on the Choices and Consequences scheme.

The scheme has been designed to help people and give them a chance to break free from a life of crime.

Instead of being sent to jail they can remain in the community and work with various agencies to tackle the problems and reasons they commit acquisitive crime such as drugs and addiction.

Butler, 36,  of Thriftfield, Hemel Hempstead, was given such a chance when he received a 36 month community order so he could take up the help being offered to him by taking part in the Choices and Consequences scheme.

Just a month into his community order Butler fell off the rails when he took part in the theft of cable.

Even so when he appeared back before Judge Bright he was told he would be given another chance and could continue with his community order so he could take part in the scheme. But the judge warned him if he committed any further crimes he could expect to have the community order revoked and go to prison.

That was precisely what happened to Butler when he stole cable for a second time last month (June) at Water End in Hemel Hempstead.

Judge Bright jailed Butler for thirty months telling him "You only have yourself to blame".

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