Thief and burglar jailed - Bedford


A man who stole and burgled to fund his drug habit was told he would lead a 'useless and miserable life' if he did not change his ways.

Sean Henson stole from a number of shops in Bedford and burgled two hotels, all while he was having help in the community to tackle his drug abuse.

Henson, 24, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 11 January 2013, to four charges of theft and one of burglary with two offences taken into consideration. He was also in breach of the community order.

Max Hardy, prosecuting, said the thefts included 10 jars of coffee, 25 bars of chocolate, two Fred perry t-shirts and three DVD boxed sets.

He also broke into the the manager's bedroom at the Tennyson House Hotel and stole cash that had been set aside for staff wages. A week later he illegally entered the Shakespeare Hotel.

Judge Richard Foster told Henson: "The root cause of your offending is your drug habit and, until you rid yourself of that, you will lead a useless and miserable life.

"In such cases as this a drug rehabilitation order is often beneficial, but it has been tried with you and failed and you have committed a catalogue of offences while under that order."

Henson was jailed for twelve months.

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