Teenager sentenced to 5 years for storing a gun - Luton


A teenager who stored a gun at his sister's home was sentenced to 5 years in a Young Offenders' Institute today, 30 September 2013.

Craig Ginnerty, 19, told his sister Justine to look after the AK47 at her home in Jasmine Road while he arranged to sell it on for a profit.

But, Luton Crown Court heard, the police went to her neighbour's home on 3 May this year for an unrelated matter. As a result of their inquiries, they knocked on her door.

Prosecutor Claudette Elliott said when Justine answered the door she immediately told the officers: "" know why you are here. I will show you where it is." She led the police to a back bedroom where they found the Czech-made assault rifle and two cartridges that were too big for the gun.

Craig Ginnerty heard the police were at his sister's home and went there himself. He told them that she had nothing to do with the gun. They were both arrested.

In interview, Ginnerty said he had paid £7,000 for the gun which he had collected from a car park in London with a friend. He said he had expected to sell it and make a profit of £2,000 to £3,000. Asked why it was at his sister's home, he said he had been locked out of his own address and had intended to collect it later.

The gun was examined and found "to have lethal potential," said Ms Elliott.

Unemployed Ginnery, of Ambleside Road, Luton, appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to possessing the gun and the ammunition and storing the gun at an address.

His sister was not charged, causing Judge David Farrell QC to comment: "In Luton, 10 people have been shot this year. She is extremely lucky." He went on: "She has been treated very generously by the prosecution."

Defence barrister Stephen Moore said he was aged on 18 at the time and had pleaded guilty at the earlier opportunity.

Sentencing him Judge Farrell said: "This is a particularly grave offence. You had a weapon with the intention of selling on for a profit. Anyone involved with this type of weapon must understand the minimum sentence is 5 years."

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