Teenager jailed for wasting police time - Luton


A teenager who wasted police time by falsely claiming to officers that a firearm found at a Luton address was his, has today, Tuesday, 13 May 2014, been sent to a young offenders institute for two years.

Taysharn Warner came up with the story in an attempt to throw detectives off the scent as to who the gun really belonged to. In the end they realised he was lying, but not before they had wasted time and police resources checking out his claims.

As a result 19-year-old Warner of Wycliffe Close, Luton appeared before Luton Crown Court pleading guilty to a single charge of perverting the course of justice.

Barry McElduff prosecuting told how on 03 October last year police armed with a search warrant went to the home in Regis Road, Luton of a young man called Mali James. He wasn't there, but in a shed in the garden officers found almost three thousand pounds stashed in a bag. In a second bag in the shed officers found a converted pistol together with a a silencer.

The officers followed up that raid with another at an address in Wedgewood Road, Luton that had connections to Mr James. He wasn't at that address either, but the defendant was.

The court then heard how 11 days later on 12 October, Warner went to Luton Police Station to say the gun and the money that had been found was in fact his. As a result he was arrested and later bailed as officers made enquiries into his claims.

It meant checking the money, guns and silencer along with the bags they were in for finger prints. Mobile phones were analysed and in the end detectives came to the conclusion that Warner had been lying and there was no truth in what he'd told them. As a result he was arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Mr Justice Davis hearing the case was told that Mali James was eventually arrested and earlier this year at Luton Crown Court he received a five year jail sentence for possessing the firearm.

The judge was told that Warner's lies to the police had been an attempt by him to throw police "off the scent."

The judge sentenced Warner to two years in a young offenders institute.

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