Teenage burglars jailed - Kempston


A Judge, who heard a victim's account of the distress a burglary had caused her, sent two first time offenders into custody for 18 months today, Friday, 08 January 2016.

The house in Chapman Close, Kempston was broken into while the owners were on holiday in Tunisia, Luton Crown Court was told. Amongst property stolen was an engagement ring that had belonged to the victim's mother, that she had cherished for 40 years since her death. The family car was also taken and writen off by the two young burglars.

Prosecutor Jennifer Newcomb read out a victim personal statement from one of the victims in which she described how she now felt her home was like a prison as they had installed so much security. She was now reluctant to leave the house and had been physically ill. They had also been caused considerable financial expense as a result of the break in which was committed on 18 June 2014.

Before the court were 19-year-old Brandon Davis and 18-year-old Jerome McClean, both of Hartwell Drive, Kempston. They had pleaded not guilty to burglary and aggravated vehicle taking but were convicted by a jury in December.

McClean had no previous convictions, and Davis had two convictions for matters unrelated to burglary. They were both said to come from good, stable families.

Recorder John Cavanagh QC sentenced them both to 18 months in a young offenders' institute. He said: "This was an unpleasant burglary in a quiet residential street. The owners were on holiday, and understandably their holiday was ruined. They felt great distress which is entirely predictable and one does not really need a victim impact statement to know that a burglary of this sort will have such consequences. Burglaries such as this will not be tolerated." He told the defendants: "I have taken into account what has been said on your behalf, but you have shown no remorse."

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