Teacher and Guide Leader jailed for sexual offences - Potters Bar


A primary school teacher, who posed online as a 13-year-old boy to entice young girls to send him naked pictures of themselves, has today, Wednesday, 22 March 2017, been jailed for six years.

Nicolas Taylor, who was also a Guide leader, targeted Girl Guides, asking them to do the same.

St Albans Crown Court heard that youngsters sent him photos with no idea that the person receiving them was a teacher and Girl Guide leader. He would then blackmail them into sending him more explicit poses for his sexual gratification.

Taylor, who graduated from the University of Middlesex in 2012 to embark on a teaching career, appeared in custody to be sentenced.

Judge Jonathan Carroll told Taylor he had committed "an appalling and gross breach of trust."

Taylor, aged 27, pleaded guilty to six counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, one charge of distributing indecent photos of a child and two charges of making indecent photos of a child.

Peter Shaw, prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that, in all his roles, the defendant worked with children. Mr Shaw then told the court: "It was a month into this new position at a school that Taylor took on the persona of a 13-year-old boy and created an Instagram account, which he used to systematically target Year 6 girls and Girl Guides by befriending them."

The court was told that Taylor used the name of a real teenager, who was known to him, and, with it, set up the fake account. It included images of a young teenage boy in various poses, some semi nude, to complete his deception.

The court was then told how, using the Instagram account, he sent "Follow" requests to school pupils and to Girl Guides. Once accepted, Taylor had access to all of their photos and had the ability to "like" and comment on pictures and conversations between the children.

When he was arrested, Taylor was found to have a hoard of child sex abuse material, including 44 Category A movies, 57 Category B movies and 27 Category C movies. The youngest child depicted in the movies was an 8-year-old male victim in a Cat A video. He also had scores of still images, including 25 at Cat A, which is the very worst.

The court was told that police were able to carry out checks on a username he had employed, which identified an email address which was linked to another family member. As a result, Metropolitan Police officers visited his home in Barnet, on 9 December 2015, and he was arrested.

Judge Carroll was told that Taylor had never planned to go beyond contacting them over the internet and had created "an alter ego" for that purpose. The Judge jailed him for a total of 6 years, telling him: "It's true to say you represented every parent's worst nightmare. The levels of abuse you resorted to beggars belief. You set about a carefully planned and regrettably well executed, considered, but vicious, campaign against young children so as to satisfy your own sexual proclivities." The Judge said: "You scared these girls and you had a lasting impact upon their lives and that's not in a positive way."

In addition to the custodial sentence, the Judge made Taylor the subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and said his name must be added to the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of his life.

Helena Burman of the CPS said: "Taylor is clearly an extremely calculating and manipulative man, who abused his positions of trust in order to systematically prey on young girls.

"It is only due to the courage of the victims that his disgraceful behaviour has been exposed.  I would like to pay tribute to them all for their strength and tenacity in coming forward and providing evidence for the prosecution.

"We worked tirelessly with Hertfordshire Constabulary from early in their investigation to ensure that online evidence was gathered that would build the strongest possible prosecution case.

"I hope that today's sentence gives some small comfort to the victims and their families. Our thoughts are with them all at this time."