Station bike thief jailed - Hertfordshire


A thief, who stole bikes from Hertfordshire railway stations, was jailed for 28 months today, Friday, 18 December 2015.

Tayo Wisdom admitted taking 29 commuters' bikes from stations across the county in what the Judge at St Albans Crown Court said was his 'full time job.'

Prosecutor Colin Banham said he sent a text message to his girlfriend telling her not to worry about him getting caught because he kept his face away from the CCTV cameras. But Wisdom, aged 21, had not reckoned with the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System. It allowed the police to identify his mother's car that he had been using to get to the stations and he was arrested.

He was also caught in Essex with three more stolen bikes, worth £3,000, and a £700 frame that he admitted handling. The court heard he was selling the stolen goods on eBay and Gumtree.

Wisdom, of Park Lane, Broxbourne, appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to theft on the day of his trial. He also admitted two counts of handling.

Defending, Tania Panagiotopoulou, said Wisdom was of previous good character and that many of the bikes had been recovered. She said there had been very little benefit to him from the thefts. She said he had been suffered from depression and Post Traumatic Stress after a road crash and asked the Judge to pass a suspended sentence.

But Judge John Plumstead sent him immediately to jail, saying: "He regarded it as a full time job of work. He chose to prey on commuters. There were many victims. He was stealing bicycles wholesale, depriving people of their ability to get about."

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