Son jailed for starting fire at mother's door - Luton


A homeless son, who got angry with his mother for failing to take him in, started a fire at her front door in Underwood Close, Luton in the early hours of 19 September last year.

Fortunately she was not asleep and heard the letter box rattle and discovered the fire before it had taken hold, a court heard. Her younger son was asleep upstairs at the time.

Trey Cyrus-McKeown (also known as Trey Cyrus), aged 22, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to arson being reckless as to whether life would be endangered and to another charge of arson. He was jailed for two years on Friday, 08 July 2016.

Isabel Delamere, prosecuting, said that on the day of the incident, Cyrus-McKeown had been made homeless and his social worker had asked his mother if he could stay with her, but she refused.

Stephen Moore, defending, said the defendant has extreme learning difficulties and is on the autism spectrum. "He acts impulsively and does not see the consequences of his actions. He is a vulnerable man, but is remorceful for what he did and knows it was wrong," said the barrister. The barrister said more support would now be available to help him manage his day to day life, and he would have no further contact with his mother.

Judge Michael Kay QC said: "This was done out of anger, but it was highly dangerous. If it were not for the fact that she was awake the consequences could have been much more severe."

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