Son jailed for life for brutally murdering his mother


A man was jailed for life today (20/4) at Amersham Magistrates’ Court for the brutal murder of his mother.

Usman Shahzad (21) of 45, Havelock Street, Aylesbury, viciously attacked his mother, Assia Shahzad (40), at the family home in Wendover Road, Aylesbury on 9 October 2010.

Police were called to the property after Assia's screams were overheard by a lodger, above very loud music. They had to break in to a locked bedroom and in an adjoining bathroom found the victim lying on the floor, seriously injured. She died in hospital from 84 injures to her head and arms, believed to have been inflicted mostly by a machete.

Her eldest son, Usman, was standing on her neck at the time police arrived. Despite this, he initially pleaded not guilty but changed his plea and admitted his crime.  When passing the life sentence on Usman, HH Judge Tyrer said he was to serve a minimum term of 20 years.

CPS Crown Advocate, Nigel Ogborne, said: 'This was a truly horrific case. In 25 years of prosecuting I can say that I have never dealt with such brutality and this by a son on his mother. It was clear from the evidence that this was a pre-planned killing.

'I would like to thank the police officers and CPS staff involved in this case, as I am sure it has affected us all in some way. It is hoped that the sentence that HH Judge Tyrer imposed today will deter not only those who may think about embarking on murder, but also deter those who handle and deal with weapons.'

A 16 year-old youth was also charged with murder, but was acquitted on 18 April after the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence against him. CPS prosecutor, Ben Gumpert, said afterwards: 'This prosecution was properly brought. The judge had a function to perform and we respect his ruling.'