Son jailed for attacking mother - Bedford


A son who lashed out in anger at his mother, then mocked her as she cried in pain has been jailed for 20 months today, Friday, 14 December 2012.

Kevin Weir told his mum Pam Hardy it was "pay back time for 29 years of hell," Luton Crown Court was told on Friday.

His kick, aimed at the sofa, struck her knee with such force it broke her leg. She told doctors she had fallen down stairs.

But when he attacked her again three months later she reported both matters to police, said prosecutor Helen Guest.

Weir, 29, who had been living with his mother in Bedford at the time pleaded guilty to wounding her on 29 June this year and a charge of common assault on her on 07 October this year.

Miss Guest said the victim was at home on her own when Weir came in and had obviously been drinking. He accused her of going in his bedroom.

"She said he looked so angry and then kicked out with force. Her knee was swollen to twice its size and she said he squeezed it and said "this is the best thing I have seen, you crying in pain" and said he was going to video it on his phone."

She did not get help until the next morning, but said she was too embarrassed and scared to tell the truth about what happened. But, said the prosecutor, in October another argument flared when she refused to give him a cigarette.

"He had been drinking and there was a torrent of abuse. He said he wanted to dig her grave and bury her. She went to leave the house, but he head butted her and spat in her face," said Miss Guest.

Sally Jackson, defending said: "He and his mother have a very difficult relationship and often insult each other.

"He went back to live with her when he was made redundant, but there was a lot of anger on both sides.

"But these assaults have been a wake up call for him. He has apologised to her and she has visited him. But it is not a healthy environment for them to live together."

She said Weir had somewhere else he could live out of the area when he is released from prison.

Judge David Farrell QC told Wier: "The way you lashed out was grossly reckless and by her account you found it amusing and indicated it was pay back for 29 years of hell she had put you through.

"It was totally inexcusable. No one deserves to be treated like that let alone your mother."

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