Solicitor General visits CPS Bedfordshire


The Solicitor General, Edward Garnier QC MP, visited CPS Bedfordshire’s Luton office, in Sceptre House, Castle Street, on 6 December, as part of a fact-finding tour around CPS offices in England and Wales

Together with the Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC MP, the Solicitor General is the Government Minister who superintends the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), along with other prosecuting bodies. They are chief legal advisors to the Government.

Chief Crown Prosecutor for Bedfordshire, Richard Newcombe, said: 'We were delighted to welcome the Solicitor General to CPS Bedfordshire. Its important he gets a clear understanding of the processes and projects that are taking place across England and Wales, so obviously he needs to see different Areas.

'There is a lot of very good work taking place in CPS Bedfordshire and it was nice for us to have the opportunity to showcase the Area in such a good light, particularly in the current economic climate. I hope the Solicitor found the visit interesting as well as informative.'

During his morning visit, the Solicitor met staff across the organisation to see how they work locally, including meeting Crown Advocates and paralegal assistants virtually next door in Luton Crown Court.

Afterwards, back at the CPS Luton office, he attended presentations and also took part in discussions covering the following topics:

  • Speedier and more cost-effective justice through the Early Guilty Plea court in Luton
  • The Associate Prosecutor Youth Pilot in the Group
  • Conditional cautioning: How out of court disposals are designed to get early compensation for victims and how dealing with offenders in the early stages of their criminal career through adequate and appropriate support such as drug intervention programmes - can prevent future offending
  • The work of the Daytime Direct Charging Team
  • Effective planning around key operations to maximise resources and ensure the best outcomes.

The Solicitor General said afterwards: 'I was delighted to meet dedicated and hard-working staff; lawyers and administrators, who are doing their best in difficult economic circumstances to ensure that the CJS works effectively. This means a huge variety of work and puts a good many pressures on the CPS, yet morale was clearly good.'

The Solicitor General, Edward Garnier QC MP (left), with Chief Crown Prosecutor for Bedfordshire, Richard Newcombe

Photo of the Solicitor General, Edward Garnier QC MP (left), with Chief Crown Prosecutor for Bedfordshire, Richard Newcombe.