Serving prisoner given extended prison sentence for stabbing inmate - Bovingdon


A serving prisoner, who stabbed another inmate causing him to nearly bleed to death, was given an extended 15 year prison sentence today, Thursday, 24 March 2016

Marlon Roban was told his sentence won't start until 2019 when he has completed the 13-year sentence he is currently serving for a string of armed robberies.

Roban, aged 38, was a prisoner at The Mount jail in Bovingdon near Hemel Hempstead in Herts when he launched the attack on 30 April last year on the fellow prisoner. He used a shard of glass from a smashed microwave plate for the attack on the man, stabbing him once in the neck and severing and artery. Why he carried out the attack that day is still unknown.

At his trial in January of this year, the victim and other inmates, who had been present when Roban attacked the other man near jail's canteen, refused to give evidence. Roban, who represented himself at the trial at St Albans Crown Court, maintained that although he had grappled with the other prisoner he had not inflicted the wound. However, he was found guilty of wounding with intent.

Prosecutor Jessica Clarke told the jury: "Some time on or before 30 April last year, someone at HMP The Mount removed a glass plate from a microwave. That can be turned into 15 or 20 lethal weapons. At 5.30 on 30 April, Mr Roban used one of those shards of glass to stab the victim in the neck. It caused a wound that nearly killed him. It struck an artery and he nearly bled to death."

The attack that day was captured by a CCTV camera. After the attack, Roban disposed of a blood stained orange/grey fleece he had been wearing, which he put inside a prison dustbin.

The sentencing of Roban had been adjourned in January for the preparation of a pre-sentence report. Today, Roban appeared for sentence via a video link from Bedford Prison where he has been held since his conviction.

Judge Stephen Warner was told that Roban had a long history of offending, which included convictions for armed robbery. In 1999 he had received an eight year sentence for an attempted robbery. Then in 2009 he had gone to prison for five years after being convicted of another robbery. Then in 2012, for a series of six robberies and one attempted robbery in which firearms had featured in four of the crimes, he had been jailed for 13 years.

Roban told the court over the video link that he was not due for release until 2019.

Judge Warner told Roban he had shown "a complete lack of insight and understanding" of his behaviour. He told him: "Stabbing a man in the neck near to a vital artery is a serious offence."

The Judge said he was satisfied that Roban posed a danger to the public and there was a real risk of him committing futher serious offences. For that reason he said he was going to pass an extended sentence.

Roban was given an 11-year jail term and told the period of licence he would be subject to when released would be four years. He was also told that the prison term would be consecutive to the one he is presently serving meaning it won't start until his present prison term comes to an end in 2019.

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