Serial offender is back in jail after spree of break-ins


A serial offender has been put back behind bars after he admitted a spree of break-ins at four houses in Aylesbury.

Ruban Neptune (31), of no fixed abode, was arrested and charged with burglary on 14 September. He appeared in court the next day to be remanded in custody. Neptune pleaded guilty to four burglaries, two in Owl Close, and two in Puffin Way, during 12 and 13 September.

The defendant stole cash, car keys, a laptop and mobile phone, whilst the householders were asleep upstairs. A CCTV installed by one of the house holders caught him in the act of committing one of the burglaries.

At a hearing on 10 March at Aylesbury Crown Court, Neptune was sentenced to four years in prison, the latter two on licence.

CPS Crown Advocate, Nigel Ogborne, said: 'Ruban Neptune is a serial offender. He has been brought before the courts on previous occasions for offences of dishonesty and has been jailed, but it would appear to no avail. This case was  robustly investigated by the police and prosecuted by the CPS, and on this occasion, he admitted committing four burglaries at houses in Owl Close and Puffin Way in September last year. At least this admission means that a costly trial will be avoided and the victims of his crimes do not have to give evidence in court.

'Neptune has been handed a sentence of four years in prison, the latter two years on licence. We can only hope that this time he will learn his lesson and leave behind his life of crime. Aylesbury will be a better place with this offender behind bars for the next two years.'