Self-confessed paedophile jailed - Watford


A self-confessed paedophile, who paid for a girl to be made to pose in degrading sexual abuse pictures, was jailed for 4 years and 4 months today, Tuesday, 10 November 2015.

Paul Jackson, who was caught with more than 80,000 illegal sexual abuse images, also fantasied about the rape, torture, mutilation and murder of children.

When the police searched the loft of the home in Watford that the 65-year-old shared with his wife, they found sex toys, whips and two boxes of children's clothes that contained Brownie and school uniforms and ballet dresses.

Emails between Jackson and another man made between November 2005 and January 2006 detailed his requests for the sexual poses by a girl he was told was aged 12.

Prosecutor Laura Blackband said the police first raided the home in Essex Road, Watford on 26 February last year. Jackson opened the door and admitted he viewed indecent images of children. In an interview he told the police he had been accessing images for 10 years.

The police seized an Apple laptop, computer discs and USB sticks. 4,400 images were recovered. 95 were in Category A, the most serious level, 52 were in Category B and 4,293 at Category C. There were 30 indecent movies.

Ms Blackband said: "The police found 'chat logs' in which the defendant said he would like to abuse a female aged about 10. He described the rape, torture and killing of children."

The police went back to Jackson's home on 27 May and searched his loft where they discovered the childrens clothes. More indecent images were found on a new computer that Jackson had bought after his arrest. In all, 468 images were at Category A, 215 at B and 81,408 were at C. In the second interview he told the police he fantasized about rape, torture, mutilation and murder of children.

He pleaded guilty to 26 charges: one of arranging child pornography or prostitution between 6 November 2005 and 10 January 2006, seven of distributing Category C images of a child between 2007 and 2013, six of making (downloading) indecent images of a child in the form of movies, four of possessing indecent images, two of possessing prohibited images of a child, three of possessing extreme pornography, three of possessing indecent printed images of children.

Scott Ivill, defending, said that after Jackson's arrest he had sought help from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation. He said he had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Referring to the abuse of the girl who was photographed, Judge Andrew Bright QC said: "It makes your stomach turn. I can't think of anything more degrading and ghastly." He told Jackson: "You are a self-confessed paedophile with a long history of sexual deviancy involving children."

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