Scrounger jailed for 2 years for assaulting neighbour - Luton


A neighbour who frequently scrounged from those around him, assaulted and kicked a man who refused to give him some tobacco.

The attack has had a long lasting psychological effect on the victim and two other neighbours who witnessed it, Luton Crown Court was told.

Shaun Eeles, 28,  is now behind bars and banned from returning to Hurst Grove in Bedford, his former home.

He pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and criminal damage. On Friday, 06 December 2013,  he was jailed for two years.

Judge David Farrell QC also made a restraining order for the next five years to stop him going to the area or contacting old neighbours.

George Heimler, prosecuting, said the events occurred on  22 June  this year.

"Eeles was quite intimidating and had a tendency to want to 'borrow' things especially from one neighbour." He said,  on that day he asked several times for tobacco but was refused. Finally, he kicked in a door panel, and when the neighbour confronted him he pulled him to the ground and kicked him several times.  The assault was partially witnessed by people across the road.

Stuart Sprawson, defending, said Eeles suffered  from post traumatic stress disorder and a depressive illness. "He acts impulsively when he becomes stressed and acts in a vicious nasty way," he said.

Judge Farrell said to Eeles:  "You were in the habit of borrowing items which you never returned. "You have an appalling background of violent offences going back over ten years, and this was a sustained assault using a shod foot as a weapon."

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