Robert Cusworth sentenced for murder of Sally Garwood in Aylesbury


Robert Cusworth has today been sentenced to life imprisonment at Reading Crown Court for the murder of 34 year old teaching assistant, Sally Garwood, in Aylesbury on 11 July 2009.

Mr Cusworth will serve a minimum tariff of 20 years imprisonment reduced by 6 months for time already served in prison.

Mrs Garwood was found in an area of meadowland called Quarrendon Fields in North Aylesbury last July having been out walking her dog when Mr Cusworth viciously attacked her with a knife.  She died shortly afterwards from severe stab wounds.

Mr Cusworth, 25, admitted her murder at a hearing at Reading Crown Court on 21 December last year.

Carl Barker, reviewing lawyer from Thames Valley Crown Prosecution Service, said, "This was an utterly senseless and motiveless attack by a man on a much smaller woman who was simply enjoying walking her dog on a Saturday afternoon on a popular piece of public land in Aylesbury.

"Robert Cusworth did not know Sally Garwood let alone harbour any previous bad feelings towards her. As he told police, he was in a bad mood, and he had  bought  a knife the day before because he felt 'very, very angry' and wanted 'to hurt someone'. He had walked to Quarrendon Fields that afternoon armed with the knife knowing that he was 'going to do something really bad'. By a tragic coincidence, Sally Garwood happened to be walking in that part of the fields when Mr Cusworth was waiting for a victim.

"We offer our deepest sympathies to all who knew Sally Garwood. She was deeply loved and is desperately missed by her family. A remarkable feature of this tragedy is the courage shown by her husband, parents, brother and sisters throughout their ordeal.  We hope that the conclusion of the court proceedings can bring them some measure of comfort."