Removal men jailed for attacking colleague - Biggleswade


Two Scottish removal men, who went for a drink in Biggleswade, attacked a work colleague and left him with a nasty injury when they kicked him in the face.

But the pair paid the price when they appeared at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 05 June 2015, and were each jailed for 21 months.

Scott Reynolds, aged 33, from Kirkcaldy in Fife and and James Brown, aged 31, from Carnoustie, pleaded guilty to a single offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Michael Cairns outside The Rose public house in the High Street.

Laura Blackband prosecuting told the court how the defendants worked for a removal company in Scotland and in May of last year ended up in Bedfordshire.

The court heard the company had a depot in Bigglewade where they went, before going out that evening for a drink with Mr Cairns, who was a supervisor at the Biggleswade branch.

Judge Philip Bartle, hearing the case, was told the pair found themselves in an argument with other customers in The Rose and were asked to leave. Mr Cairns apologised for the men and when a fight started outside the premises, he went outside to try and stop it.

Miss Blackband said it was then that Brown and Reynolds turned on him, punching him to the ground and then delivering kicks to his head. His dental plate was broken in the attack and he had to be taken to hospital for his injuries. The defendants made off but were soon arrested.

The prosecutor said blood from the victim was found on both men's trainers.

Judge Bartle was told both men had subsequently been sacked by their employers.

Toby Long, who defended the men, said up until that night both had considered Mr Cairns to be a friend.

Jailing them for 21 months each, the judge said they had turned on Mr Cairns with "appalling violent behaviour."

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