Prolific burglar jailed again - Luton


Just weeks after his release from a prison sentence where he'd been locked up for burglary offences, James Gibson was back to his old tricks.

Late at night he was spotted in Cutenhoe Road in Luton trying the front door handles to homes, looking for one that was insecure or unlocked. Gibson, aged 28, could been seen moving from house to house looking for one to break into, but police were quickly on the scene.

Today, Wednesday, 30 July 2014, his late night expedition cost him dearly when he was jailed for three years at Luton Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to two offences of attempted burglary. One house Gibson had gone to was the home of a frail 96-year-old man.

Gibson, of Bailey Street in Luton, had been released from a four and a half year jail sentence in December 2013. But in the early hours of 14 March this year, and while still on licence, Gibson, who had been drinking, went to Cutenhoe Road looking for a house he could break into.

Stephen Halloran defending said it had been the deaths of his father and grandfather that had set Gibson on the road to offending in 2000.

Judge David Farrell QC was told of Gibson's long list of previous convictions, which included dwelling house burglaries and, in 2005 and 2009, had been dealt with as a "three strikes burglar" drawing lengthy jail terms as a result.

The court heard how in the past Gibson had been addicted to drugs. To his credit, said Mr Halloran, he had beaten that addiction only to replace it with another - alcohol misuse. However, the court was told Gibson was at last showing signs that he wanted to turn his life around, something his mother and partner were aware of and were supporting him.

Judge Farrell said Gibson had slipped back to his old ways within 11 or 12 weeks of his release from prison and it was clear he was not yet ready for a community based disposal. "It was only by chance you weren't able to get in and steal as you intended. In my judgement, the offences are so serious that only immediate custody is appropriate."

He jailed Gibson for three years, urging him to spend his time in prison to address his problems.

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