Police sergeant convicted of common assault in skate park


Warren Pash (46) a serving police sergeant with the MET, who lives in Bracknell, was convicted today (8 October) of common assault at Reading Magistrates' Court. He was sentenced subsequently to a conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered to pay £775 costs.

CPS District Crown Prosecutor Christine Pusey said: 'The Crown Prosecution Service will prosecute police officers who assault members of the public; whether on or off duty at the time of an alleged offence. The decision to prosecute Mr Pash was taken according to the Prosecutor's Code, which applies to all suspects regardless of their profession. 

'The CCTV footage, plus eyewitness accounts, provided key evidence in this case and we reached the conclusion that the conduct of Warren Pash amounted to an assault on Nick Harper and it was in the public interest to bring him before the courts.  The magistrates were satisfied as to his guilt and I respect their decision regarding sentence.'

The assault took place on 7 May, 2010, at the skate park in Wokingham. Mr Pash attacked Nick Harper (19) whilst he was off duty. Mr Pash was arrested on 23 May and charged on 16 July, but pleaded not guilty to the offence. He claimed in court that he was trying to carry out a drugs search of the victim.