Paedophile John Maber sentenced - Hertfordshire


A devious and calculating paedophile was sentenced to life in prison today, Wednesday, 04 July 2012, at St Albans Crown Court after pleading guilty to 27 offences of child sexual abuse including the rape of a baby girl aged just four months.

John MABER shared his perversions on-line with other paedophiles both across the country and internationally. This ring has been broken thanks to Hertfordshire Constabulary's investigation.

The court was told specialist officers from the Paedophile Investigation Unit arrested Maber on 02 December 2011 following intelligence from the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Centre. Specialist officers at CEOP were able to identify Maber, after they received information from the New Zealand Police. Maber's alarming online activity was of such concern that immediate action was taken by Hertfordshire Police to arrest him once he had been identified.

The follow up investigation took officers across the country and significantly 15 other arrests were made. As a direct result of police action 30 children have been safeguarded and are now out of danger.

The judge handed Maber two life sentences and told him he will not be eligible for parole until after he has served 10 years.

Baljit Ubhey OBE, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: "This case involved the horrendous abuse of a helpless young child. The very young age of the victim greatly increases the seriousness of the offences.

"The CPS takes all allegations of rape and sexual offences seriously and has specialist rape prosecutors who have expertise in dealing with sexual offences cases.  We work with the police and the courts to ensure that victims are given the best possible support during the court process.  Cases of rape and other serious sexual offences are among the most difficult cases that we deal with and need to be dealt with very sensitively. We will continue to vigorously prosecute all such offenders and particularly those who target young and vulnerable victims.

"The sentence imposed today recognises the seriousness of the offences and the vulnerability of the victim. We hope that today's sentence provides some measure of justice to the victim and her mother that will help as they rebuild their lives. Our thoughts are very much with them at this time."

Detective Inspector Damien Kennedy, who led the inquiry said: "John Maber is a wicked and depraved offender who callously procured the abuse of children for his own gratification. He was predatory in its truest sense. The sentencing today reflects the hard work and committed effort of specialist agencies that devote their services to identifying paedophiles like Maber and bringing them to justice. Maber was part of a network of Paedophiles who communicated with each other via chat logs, often arranging the commission of sexual acts against children.

"Through Maber this network was identified and its members prosecuted. The message is clear, you, and your contacts will be found, and prosecuted if you seek to discuss sexual activity with children. Fantasy or not, every effort will be made to hunt you down, and safeguard every child at risk."

Andy Baker, Deputy Chief Executive of CEOP said: "The callous nature of Maber's offending is highlighted in the sentence that has been handed down today. I would like to applaud the investigation carried out by Hertfordshire Constabulary, as well as the officers involved in this case at CEOP who developed the intelligence and also provided support with regards to interviewing techniques.

"Law enforcement agencies are turning the tables and using technology against individuals like John Maber, to identify and locate those who are suspected of posing risks to or causing harm to our children, ensuring they are held accountable for their actions. The CEOP Centre will continue to share and disseminate information and intelligence to forces, both nationally and internationally, to ensure this happens."