Man sentenced for fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend.


At Luton Crown Court today a 24 year-old man has been sentenced for manslaughter following the fatal stabbing of his 18 year-old ex-girlfriend. Karl Oakley received life imprisonment (to serve a minimum of 15 years).

Oakley had visited Taylor Burrows, his ex-girfriend, at her friend's house where she had been staying on the evening of 21 February 2009.  He entered the house uninvited, obtained a knife from the kitchen and proceeded to stab Taylor to death in a violent and unprovoked attack.

CPS Senior Crown Advocate Beverly Cripps said, "This was a tragic case in which a young girl with a bright future was brutally stabbed to death in front of her best friend and her family.  Our thoughts are now with the family and friends of Taylor Burrows. "

Oakley was initially charged with murder, however on 1 September, the CPS accepted his plea to manslaughter on the basis that he could not have had the necessary intention to kill Taylor Burrows.  This decision was taken after 3 separate psychriatrist reports were received which concluded that Oakley suffered from a personality disorder and was substantially mentally impaired at the time of the attack.

On 29 August, CPS representatives met with Taylor Burrows' family to explain the decision to accept a plea for manslaughter.  Further meetings between the CPS and the family took place on 1 September, 28 October, 2 December and 10 December to ensure that they were kept informed of developments in the case.