Mother found Guilty of Manslaughter in Shaken Baby case


A 25 year-old woman has today been found guilty at Luton Crown Court of the manslaughter of her 13 week-old son.

The jury decided that Nosheen Arshad had used excessive force against her baby son and that this had caused his death.  She will be sentenced at a later date.

Head of the Thames and Chiltern Complex Casework Unit Jo Coleman said, "It is impossible to imagine a more vulnerable victim.  On 29 October 2007 an otherwise healthy baby suffered a sudden, unexplained and catastrophic collapse which led to his death 3 days later. 

"This was an extremely difficult and complex case to prosecute.  Without any eye witnesses, we needed lengthy and highly technical evidence from ten of the countrys top medical experts to help provide an explanation as to why a well-cared for baby should suffer a fatal collapse.

"This evidence enabled the prosecution to piece together what had happened and exclude any possible innocent explanation for the babys death.  The jury has agreed with the prosecutions conclusion that Mrs Arshads use of excessive force, in a moment of recklessness which was immediately regretted by her is the only explanation for baby Mohammeds death."