Men jailed for heroin stash - Luton


Two Luton men have today, Friday, 08 August 2014, been jailed for a total of 21 years after being caught with heroin worth £900,000.

They were stopped in an Audi car on the M1, and two blocks of the drug were found under the seat. Their homes were searched and in Naeem Faruqe's bedroom police found a further 16 blocks.

Prosecutor Kevin Wells, said the drug weighed nine kilos and if cut down would have sold for about £900,000 on the streets.

Faruqe, aged 30, of Whitethorn Way, Luton, and Kamran Anwar, aged 30, of Maryport Road, Luton both pleaded guilty to possessing heroin with intent to supply.

Anwar was jailed for 12 years and Faruqe for nine years

Judge Philip Bartle QC told them: 2This was a very large quantity of heroin. It is said that you are not drug addicts, but you were both very much in debt. I am prepared to accept that this was the first time you have got involved, but you got into this criminality knowing what was involved, I am sure about that."

Mr. Wells told Luton Crown Court that the drugs had been imported on 02 May this year through Holland to Manchester. They were found after police stopped the car on the M1 in Bedfordshire on 09 May. He said Anwar played the leading role and Faruqe was his 'lieutenant.'

Minal Raj, for Anwar, a father of three, said he was being chased by loan sharks after getting himself in debt. "He found himself in an impossible situation and made a big mistake in taking up an opportunity that was offered to him."

John Lyons for Faruqe said: 2He was the hired hand and it was his first involvement."

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