Men jailed for drunken assault - Dunstable


Three drunk men were seen on CCTV footage to 'jump with joy' after their victim had been kicked while lying defenceless on the ground.

Judge David Farrell QC described it as "an appalling incident of drunken violence on the streets of Dunstable."

He continued: "You have to learn that courts will not tolerate such behaviour."

Before him at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 23 August 2013, were two of the three men. The third has not been caught.

He sent 21-year-old Reece Pennington to prison for 27 months and 20-year-old Bobby Stockwell for 15 months.

Pennington, from Franklin Road, Dunstable, who had previous convictions for battery, and Stockwell, of Dorchester Close, Dunstable, who had no previous convictions, both pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Adrian Amer, prosecuting said the incident happened about 4am on 18 February last year by an alleyway at Eleanors Cross. All the parties had been out drinking.

CCTV images showed that Stockwell appeared to have a disagreement with Karl Ayles and punched him, which sent him to the ground. Pennington and the unidentified male then got involved as Stockwell stood back. It was unclear whether Pennington landed a blow, but the other man kicked the victim while he was on the ground. Then all three could be seen together, jumping up and down, before leaving the scene. The victim had cuts to his ear.

The Judge said the "celebration" emphasised that it was a joint enterprise, making them equally guilty.

Stuart Sprawson, for Stockwell, who walked with crutches, said he had pleaded guilty last October, but had to wait for Pennington's potential trial to take place. He had been on stringent bail conditions, which involved not entering licensed premises, but he had been badly injured in a road accident, and needed further operations.

He said: "He may have started the incident, but he could not have predicted the avalanche that followed."

Greg Unwin, for Pennington said: "He recognises that alcohol has played a significant role in his offending, but he no longer goes out drinking as he knows it gets him into trouble.

He said: "He has been trying to take the right steps to correct the errors of his past."

Judge Farrell said: "You behaved like drunken yobs. Only immediate custody is appropriate."

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