Men jailed for attempted burglary of elderly woman - Luton


Two tricksters, who targeted an elderly pensioner with a plan to creep into her Luton home and steal what they could, have today, Monday, 31 October 2016, been jailed for two years each.

Carl Drein and Darren Smith didn't worry that their victim was 83 and in poor health. They wanted her cash and were determined to find some.

It was 8.15am on the morning of 02 September this year when Drein knocked on the woman's door claiming he had been playing with his son in the garden of a neighbouring property when their ball had gone into her garden. He asked if he could look for it and even asked if she would help him.

Judge Philip Bartle, hearing the case, was told the woman declined to help, but handed Drein a key to a side gate, so that he could look for himself.

The court was told that at one point her door bell was rung, but when she opened the door, no one was there.

Back in the house, the court was told that the woman was now aware that Smith had joined Drein in the garden. In fact it was neighbours of the woman who realised the pair were up to no good when they were seen carefully wiping all the surfaces they had touched. The pair were also captured on one neighbour's CCTV system which showed them wiping door handles before they made off empty handed.

As a result, police were alerted and were able to identify and arrest the pair in the nearby town centre where it appeared they had made attempts to change their clothing.

Drein, aged 34, of Falconers Road in Luton and Smith, aged 35, of Kingsland Court in the town, both pleaded guilty to attempted burglary.

The court heard that both men had long criminal records going back to their youth and both had committed numerous break-ins over the years. Judge Bartle was told both men had long standing drug addiction problems.

A victim impact statement was read out in court in which the 83-year-old woman told of the shock she had suffered that was caused by the attempted break-in. She said she was worried the men would come back to her home.

Judge Bartle jailed the pair for two years each, telling them they had targeted the victim knowing she wouldn't have been able to chase them had they managed to carry out their planned burglary of her home.

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