Man jailed for waving a gun at TV repair men - Luton


A frustrated customer who wanted his TV collected pulled a 'gun' on two repair men and asked if they wanted to be shot, a court has heard.

But Tudor Gheorghiu's over reaction to the situation led to him being jailed for a year at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 05 April 2013.

The Romanian said he kept the BB gun,  classed as an imitation firearm, for self defence following a threatening incident in his homeland, and after reading of murders in Bedfordshire.

But Judge Michael Kay QC told him: "You cannot go about with bats or imitation firearms, threatening people.

"On this occasion you took out a gun and you were very angry and that must have been very threatening to the two men. You should never have had such a firearm in your possession at all."

Gheorghui, 26, a nurse in a care home, pleaded guilty to possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear.

Kevin West , prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said the defendant had wanted a faulty tv collected for repair from his home in Waverley Avenue, Sandy, but two attempts had failed.

On  19  February this year an arrangement was made to collect the set, and when the two repair men turned up at the appointed time, Gheorghiu was out.

He was contacted by phone and said he would be back in five minutes. But when he arrived he got the impression the men were about to leave without the set.

"He approached the van with something in his hand which they thought was a hand gun.

"He was showing aggression, and raised the 'gun' and waved it at them.

"The men decided to leave and although the defendant stood in front of their van they managed to pass him and get away, said Mr West.

Natalie Goffe, defending said: "This was completely out of character and he is deeply ashamed and apologises.

"He simply lost it and knows there was a much better way of dealing with the situation..

"He is a registered nurse and is very hard working and regarded very highly."

Judge Kay said: "You were frustrated by the difficulties in getting your troublesome set collected but what went on was completely inexcusable.

"I accept that you are here working hard and doing a good job, but courts view this offence very seriously because of the dreadful fear it creates."

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