Man jailed for threatening police officer with a knife - Dunstable


A police officer called to a domestic violence incident was confronted by the offender wielding a large kitchen knife. PC Brendan Street said Tony McDonald appeared highly agitated and his face was contorted.

"He faced the officer and lifted the knife above his head and he genuinely believed he was about to be stabbed," said Claudette Elliott for the Crown Prosecution Service on Friday, 24 August 2012.

The officer managed to use his Taser to disable McDonald, Luton Crown Court was told.

The incident occurred on 07 June this year in High Street North, Dunstable following a house warming party.

McDonald, 27,  had flown into a rage with his girlfriend and repeatedly assaulted her by gripping her tightly round the neck. She told police it was the first time he had laid a hand on her, but that night he turned into a "raging bull."

A neighbour who came to her assistance was also pushed and thrown out of the house, said Miss Elliott.

She said McDonald had a previous conviction for affray during which he barricaded himself in a room armed with two knives and a crow bar.

McDonald, of Farley Lodge, Luton pleaded guilty to two charges of common assault and one charge of affray. He was jailed for 18-months.

Andrew Corcut, defending said: "There is no justification for his conduct towards police, he is at a loss to account for his behaviour, but he had consumed a significant amount of alcohol.

"He does not accept there is an issue with his temperament."

He said his girlfriend had written to him in custody and wished to renew their relationship.

Judge Stuart Bridge told McDonald: "The officer seriously believed you intended to use the knife on him. It was a terrifying incident for any police officer to have to confront.

"A custodial sentence was absolutely inevitable."

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