Man jailed for theft of charity money - Bovingdon


A man from Bovingdon, who was the executor of his best friend’s will, has been sentenced to 27 months imprisonment for spending money which was bequeathed to charity.

Christopher MacKnight, aged 53, of Howard Agne Close in Bovingdon, was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court yesterday, Wednesday, 17 July, having previously pleaded guilty to theft on the first day of his trial in May.

MacKnight was executor to a close friend's will and in 2003, which is the year his friend died, the will directed that £133,000 should be left to the charity Action For Children, a charity which supports vulnerable and neglected children in the UK.

MacKnight transferred all the money to his personal account and fuelled a lavish lifestyle. No money was ever given to the charity.

Although attempts by the charity were made to recover the money, MacKnight avoided repayment.