Man jailed for stabbing sister's ex partner - Hatfield


A man, who stabbed his sister's ex partner with a large kitchen knife, plunging the knife into his neck and chest has today, Wednesday, 06 July 2016, been jailed for 8 years.

Eugene Bruce, aged 45, had gone to the Hatfield home of the man to talk about his problems. But after drinking heavily in the victim's home, he picked up a carving knife with a 10-inch blade and attacked him causing terrible injuries from which his victim is still recovering from.

This afternoon, at St Albans Crown Court, Bruce of Greville Close, Hatfield pleaded guilty to a charge wounding the victim with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Laura Blackband, prosecuting, told the court how on Tuesday, 15 March this year Bruce phoned up the victim, who was working from home that morning. Miss Blackband said that on hearing of Bruce's problems, the victim felt sorry for him and invited him to his home in The Minims, Hatfield for a chat. The victim even collected Bruce from his home and took him back to his own home, stopping on the way so that Bruce could buy a bottle of vodka.

Judge Mark Dennis was told that when lunchtime arrived and the victim announced he had to go to work, Bruce suddenly attacked him with the knife which he had taken from the kitchen. In the struggle that followed, the victim was stabbed in the neck and chest and received serious knife wounds to his hands as he tried to defend himself and get the knife from Bruce.

In a victim impact statement which he read to the court, the victim said that as he struggled with his attacker he could see the tip of the knife just inches from his neck. He went on: "I told him Eugene, don't do this and he replied "No die." I could feel the cold tip of the blade being pushed into my neck."

Bruce eventually ran from the house and the victim managed to raise the alarm. Police and an ambulance crew arrived at his home to find him covered in blood. The court was told he spent the next 16 days in hospital and underwent hours of surgery to repair his wounds. He still has only 80 percent use of his hands and it is likely they will never fully return to how they were. But the attack that day also took its toll on the victim psychologically and he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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