Man jailed for slashing man's face with a knife - Dunstable


A Judge said that knife crime in town centres by people who were 'utterly intoxicated' was a scourge on society that made people afraid to go out at night.

Judge Michael Kay QC was speaking as he jailed Korrey Campbell, aged 23, who had slashed the face of another young man in an unprovoked attack after a heavy drinking session.

The incident took place in Dunstable town centre at 4am on 15 June this year. The victim, Ross Cheung, has been left with a permanent scar, Luton Crown Court heard on Friday, 03 October 2014.

Campbell, of Bodmin Road, Luton, pleaded guilty on Friday to wounding with intent and possessing a knife in a public place. He was jailed for three years and nine months.

Prosecutor, Joseph Templeton, said Mr Cheung was standing outside the Subway shop in High Street North, Dunstable when he felt a burning sensation to the left side of his face. At first he thought he had just been slapped but then saw Campbell with a knife in his hand. An off duty paramedic came to his aid, applied a dressing to his face and drove him to hospital, where he underwent surgery for the deep cut with was 4cms long and ran from the back of the jaw to his lip.

Samantha Cohen, defending said Campbell later handed himself into police. She said he had been drinking all day and was intoxicated. The knife, it was claimed, bolonged to a friend of Campbell's and he had it with him so he could return it to him. The barrister also told the court that there was previous ill feeling between the two men and alleged that Campbell had been assaulted twice, but had not reported it to police.  She said: "We accept that on this occasion Mr Cheung did not offer any violence towards him. Words were spoken and he lashed out with a single blow with the hand that was holding the knife."

Judge Kay said: "Knife crime in this sort of scenario is a scourge on society, because such incidents occur out of the blue. They involve utterly intoxicated people who bring out a knife and use it. Each incident that occurs contributes to the fear of what happens on the streets late at night in our town centres and makes people afraid to go out in the evening."

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