Man jailed for sexual offences against girls - Reading


A man appeared at Reading Crown Court today, Thursday, 05 September 2013, and was sentenced to three years and four months imprisonment after being convicted of sexual offences against children.

Alex Barnes-Hines, aged 23, of Waverley Road, Reading, was jailed after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual activity with a child, and one count of meeting following grooming, at a previous hearing in August.

The charges relate to two girls, who were aged 14 at the time of the offences earlier this year. Barnes-Hines met the victims through friends before using social media to befriend them.

He used Facebook to arrange to meet one of his victims before subjecting her to sexual offences. Text messages were found on the mobile phone of the other victim indicating sexual activity had taken place with her.

Barnes-Hines was also made subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).  Its terms include a ban on him having unsupervised contact with any girls aged under 16-years-old, and prohibit him from owning any device capable of accessing the internet without having the capability to retain and display a history of internet use. It also prevents him from having any contact via the internet with anyone known or believed to be aged under 16.