Man jailed for robbing woman in cemetery - Bishops Stortford


A grieving mum can no longer visit her son's grave on her own after Karl Willson robbed her in a Bishop's Stortford cemetery.

St Albans Crown Court heard the mum was left so shocked and traumatised by Willson's cruel robbery, in which he snatched her handbag as she tended her son's grave, that she now can only go there if accompanied by someone else.

The story was revealed when Willson, aged 33, of Dunmow Road, Bishops Stortford was gound guilty of robbing the 65-year-old mum on 10 May last year.

The court heard her son had died some years earlier and she would go to the cemetery to tend his grave. But on 10 May last year during her visit, Willson was walking away from the town centre and after entering the cemetery spotted her. He had been taking drugs and wanted to get money for another fix. He then went up to the woman and snatched her handbag. There followed a scuffle before he managed to run off with the bag which contained her car keys and her house keys. As a result, the woman had to have her house locks changed.

The court was told that in September of last year, Willson was jailed for 25 months for different offences and is still serving his sentence.

After being found guilty today, Wednesday, 20 April 2016, of robbing the woman, Recorder Jonathan Lee QC sentenced Willson to 18 months imprisonment, which will only start at the end of the current sentence he is serving.

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