Man jailed for robbing homeless man - Bedford


A Polish man was jailed for 5 years and 3 months on Friday, 21 November 2014, for robbing one of his countrymen who was sleeping rough in a disused garage in Bedford.

Marcin Nowalski faces automatic deportation once he has served his sentenced, Luton Crown Court was told on Friday.

Nowalski, aged 34, was one of two men who robbed Krzysztof Madej in the garage off Midland Road on 14 June this year. His mobile phone was taken from him and smashed, his bank cards were snatched and he was made to tell the men the pin number for his account. But, said Neil King prosecuting, Mr Madej had given a false pin number and minutes later escaped and went to the police.

The jury heard how Mr Madej, a Milton Keynes factory worker, was living rough in Bedford having been kicked out of his accommodation in Bedford a few days before. He was sleeping rough on a mattress in a disused garage workshop just off Midland Road and had gone to bed around 10 or 11 at night on Friday, 13 June. He  was woken at 5am by Nowalski and the other man, who he knew by the nickname Tuptus. He was held down on the floor by the defendant, said the prosecutor, while Tuptus used a metal pole to strike him. Nowalski also punched him in the face.

In the witness box, Mr Madej said the men took his mobile phone from him and smashed it. He went on: "They wanted money.  Because they didn't find any, they took my bank cards. They were searching through my pockets."

Earlier Mr King said the victim gave the pair a false pin number and while Tuptus went to use the card at a nearby bank, the defendant remained with him. Mr Madej managed to make a run for it and went to the nearby police station and he was taken to hospital. Following the robbery, Mr Nowalksi made threats to the victim not to speak to the police or he would be killed.

Nowalski, of Luton Road, Bedford, was convicted of robbery and intimidation. Her received 5 years imprisonment for the robbery and 3 months imprisonment to be served consecutively for the intimidation.

The second robber has never been traced.

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