Man jailed for rape and assault of girlfriend


A 28-year-old Luton man has today, Friday, 09 November 2012, been jailed for 6-years and 3-months after being found guilty of raping his girlfriend following a drunken fight.

During his trial last week at Luton Crown Court, the man claimed she had consented to sex following the violence. But as he passed sentence on the man, Judge Michael Kay told him his account "defied belief."

He told the defendant: "It defies belief that she would happily engage in sex with you after that beating."

The man had punched his girlfriend in the face during a drinking spree together at the flat of some friends.

The judge told the man: "You forced her to have sex that night and climbed on top of her and restrained her, so you could have sex with her. She was crying and said no to you."

The man described their relationship together as "love hate" and said there were frequent rows when they had been drinking. In court the man agreed he had punched his girlfriend on 22 May this year. But he denied raping her afterwards, telling the jury at Luton Crown Court that she consented to sex at the flat where they were living.

In the witness box the man said that they had sex together most days and even their drunken arguments wouldn't stop them.

He pleaded not guilty to raping the woman, but admitted assaulting the woman occasioning her actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

Giving evidence, the defendant told the jury his relationship with his girlfriend in May of this year was marred by their heavy drinking, which caused an argument to flare up. The man said there had been violence by both of them in the past and there had been occasions when she had called the police.

The court heard how on 22 May this year the pair went to another couple's flat for a drink. That evening another row began between them and he said he did hit her. Later back at their flat he raped the woman.

The jury found the defendant guilty of rape and he received a 5-year jail term. For assaulting her he received a further 15-months to run consecutively. His name will also be put on the sex offenders' register for an indefinite period.

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