Man jailed for punching man and blinding him in one eye - Luton


Bedford man Jermaine Jackson was jailed for six years today, Monday, 18 May 2015, after landing a punch which blinded a man in his left eye.

Jackson, aged 31, had been involved in a confrontation with Mark Stephenson inside the West Indian club, Luton Crown Court heard. Both men left and, by chance, were in Alexandra Road when Jackson came up from behind and swung a single punch at Mr Stephenson, who was with his girlfriend.

Prosecutor Daniel Higgins said the attack was unprovoked and caused Mr Stephenson to lose some of the sight in his left eye.
Jackson of Honey Hill Road, Bedford told the jury he acted in self-defence, but was convicted by a jury majority of 11 to 1 of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Mark Stephenson on 1 March 2014. He had 29 convictions for 48 offences. Three were for offences against the person, said the prosecutor.

Mark Nichols, defending, said there had been only one punch and it had not been pre-meditated. He said he regretted his actions that night.

Jailing Jackson, Judge Barbara Mensah told him: "The blow was a very serious one which blinded him in one eye. It was unprovoked and you came from behind."

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