Man jailed for possession of stun gun and drugs - Hertford


A man found in the centre of Hertford late at night with a disguised stun gun and a quantity of Diazepam has today, Monday, 17 November 2014, been jailed for 5 years.

Paul Beaman, aged 27, was found by officers hiding behind a car in Parliament Square in Hertford at around 2.30am on the morning of Sunday, 15 June this year. Police had been alerted by nightclub doorstaff, because Beaman had been spotted with the stun gun, which was disguised as an iPhone.

At St Albans Crown Court today Beaman, of Edmunds Road, Hertford, pleaded guilty to possessing 40 Diazepam tablets and possessing a disguised firearm.

Judge Martin Griffith, hearing the case, was told how the defendant was part of a group of people in the square in the early hours that Sunday morning. Door staff had noticed the defendant with the stun gun after hearing it discharge a number of times. Police were notified and went into the square, whereupon Beaman was seen to crouch down behind a parked vehicle.

The court heard that officers found him with the stun gun and tablets. The stun gun was found to emit blue sparks when activated and, on his arrest, Beaman told officers that the drugs were not illegal.

Andel Singh, defending, said Beaman had bought the gun just a few days earlier in Bulgaria from an open market. Mr Singh said his client was not aware it was a prohibited article in this country, but had panicked on seeing the police officers coming to the square.

Passing sentence, Judge Griffith told Beaman: "You must have known that this item was not lawful in this country." He jailed Beaman for a total of 5 years.

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