Man jailed for offences against teenage boys - Waltham Cross


Raymond Gueli kept two teenage boys captive in his home as police and their families desperately searched for them.

Armed with a knife and threatening to kill them, he then bound one 13-year-old and locked him in the bottom of a wardrobe. Then he forced the second 13-year-old to strip and get on a bed with him, telling the boy "I've waited 22-years for a blonde sexy schoolboy."

The offences happened last September and today, Tuesday, 02 October 2012, Luton Crown Court was told his remark was a reference to his rape of a petite 20-year-old blonde girl in 1989. Gueli had followed her from a train late at night and in a park in Hoddesdon, Herts had raped her before stabbing her 40 times about her face, head body and arms. He was 17 at the time and served 8-years in a young offenders institute.

Today, Gueli, 40, of Lawrence Gardens, Cheshunt in Waltham Cross, Herts, pleaded guilty to two offences of falsely imprisoning the boys and sexual activity with a child.

Jane Bickerstaff QC prosecuting said Gueli had encountered the youngsters outside his second floor flat and lured them inside with the promise of a cigarette and a drink However, once the boys had gone inside, he locked the door and produced a knife.

"He told them he would kill them if they didn't keep quiet," said Miss Bickerstaff.

The prosecutor said when one of the boys began to cry, Gueli tied his hands behind his back and then bundled him into a bedroom wardrobe, locking the door so he couldn't get out. Still brandishing the knife, he then ordered the second boy to undress and get on a bed. Gueli got on the bed with the terrified boy and began touching him all over his body .

Miss Bickerstaff said the boy was to tell police later that he: "did what he was told because the defendant had a knife." He said: "I would rather be raped than killed."

She went on: "He was too scared to say anything in case the defendant stabbed him."

The court was told all the time the other boy was just feet away in the locked wardrobe. The prosecutor said at one point the boy was able to get off the bed and let his friend out of the wardrobe. They thought about jumping from a window, but it was too high.

Judge Andrew Bright QC hearing the case at Luton Crown Court was told the defendant eventually released the boys from his flat and they went home to their worried families. By then the parents had already alerted the police about the missing teenagers and a search for them was underway. They were able to point out the flat where they had been held and the defendant was arrested soon afterwards.

The 13-year-old who had been forced onto the bed with Gueli was found to be covered in bite marks.

Neil Fitzgibbon defending, said Gueli had been subjected to considerable harassment by local youngsters banging on his door and thought they might have been part of the gang. He said Gueli was now sorry for what he'd done.

Passing sentence Judge Bright told Gueli reports had revealed he posed a significant risk to the public by committing further offences.

"You pose a particular danger to young boys," he told him.

The judge then told Gueli: "These offences are so serious that a very significant sentence of imprisonment is the only way of dealing with you."

He said he would pass a sentence for the public's protection and told Gueli that the minimum period he must serve before the parole board can even consider his release is 3-years and 160-days.

Gueli was told his name would be on the sex offenders' register for the rest of his life.

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