Man jailed for life for murder - Slough


A man appeared at Reading Crown Court today, Friday, 30 January 2015, and was jailed for life and to serve a minimum of 26 years, for murder.

Michael Wenham, aged 36, of Collingwood Road, Uxbridge, Hillingdon, was sentenced after being found unanimously guilty by a jury on Wednesday, 28 January 2015, of the murder of 25-year-old Karolina Nowikiewicz.

On 17 February 2014, Wenham booked an appointment with Karolina, who was working as a prostitute in Slough.

Wenham went to the flat in Lowestoft Drive, Slough, where Karolina was working, at around 11.30am. He took with him a bag containing, among other things, a Stanley knife which he had purchased that morning.

He killed Karolina with the knife, causing fatal injuries to her neck.  There was no evidence that she had been able to even try and defend herself.

At 11.55am, Wenham left Karolina dead in the flat and went outside to call the police and his wife to tell them what he had just done.

Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: "This case involved the tragic murder of 25-year-old Karolina Nowikiewicz.

"Michael Wenham booked an appointment with Karolina, who was working as a prostitute in Slough, using a mobile he had bought with cash two days earlier. He turned up at her place of work in Lowestoft Drive, Slough at 11.30am 17 February 2014, for the 11am appointment, armed with a Stanley knife, which he had purchased that morning, and viciously slit her neck from behind almost decapitating her. He then left her dead in the flat, went outside and at 11.55am called the police to tell them what he had done and waited for them to arrive and arrest him. This was a pre-planned and targeted execution by Wenham, who was unknown to the victim. He is undoubtedly an extremely dangerous man.

"The motive for the unprovoked attack remains a mystery. Precisely why he chose to end the life of another human being in such a brutal and calculated fashion is known only to him; the evidence revealed that his personality included traits of profound selfishness, violent desires and sexual obsessions.

"Wenham pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, claiming a mental disorder, but the jury found him guilty of murder despite his denials.

"This case represents a tragedy for the family of Karolina. Her family and friends have been devastated by her untimely death.

"We have worked closely with Thames Valley Police since this investigation was launched and as a result of the hard work and diligence of the prosecution team, a just outcome has been achieved.

"We know that nothing will bring Karolina back to her family and friends, but we hope that the conviction and today's sentence brings them at least a small sense that justice has been done. Our thoughts are very much with them all at this time."

Detective Chief Inspector Ailsa Kent said: "I'm pleased with the sentence that Wenham has been given. It will never change what happened or bring Karolina back, but at least there is some sense of justice for her family."