Man jailed for life for attempted murder - Luton


A man appeared at Luton Crown Court today, Thursday, 14 January 2016, and was jailed for life and to serve a minimum of 11 years for the attempted murder of his ex-wife and her partner in Luton last July.

Fatmir Mula, aged 44, of Lowe Avenue, Newsham, was sentenced after being found guilty yesterday, Wednesday, 13 January 2016, by a unanimous jury, of two counts of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon, after an 8-day trial.

Mula had violently attacked the couple at a contact centre in Luton at around 4.40pm on Sunday, 12 July 2015. He turned on his ex-wife with a knife, who was then shielded by her partner. This ultimately saved her life, but his courageous act led to him sustaining life threatening injuries when Mula stabbed him several times in the chest. Mula then fled the scene and was arrested the following day.

Mula was given two life sentences each with a minimum term of 11 years imprisonment, which will be served concurrently. The Judge also considered Mula a dangerous offender and ruled that he must convince a parole board of his suitability for release when he becomes eligible.

Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: "This case involved the repeated stabbing of a man and a woman by the woman's ex-husband in Luton last July.

"On Sunday, 12 July 2015, the woman and her new partner arrived at the Contact Centre in Luton to collect her children, who had been with their father, Fatmir Mula.  They went to the Manager's office as arranged and waited for the children to be brought to her.  However, the Manager returned without them saying Mula wanted to talk to her.  Mula appeared in the doorway saying he wanted custody of their children and soon became angry.  The woman, her partner and Mula ended up in the kitchen where Mula produced a knife, from the rucksack he was carrying, and thrust it at his ex-wife stabbing her in the armpit through her leather jacket.  The woman's partner stepped in to save her from further injury and was stabbed several times in the chest and neck.  It was the Crown's case that Mula intended to take their lives.  Mula was tackled by the Centre's Manager and the injured man managed to get away before collapsing in the Manager's office.  He was airlifted to Hospital with life threatening injuries including a deflated lung and lacerated liver.  This was a completely unjustified, unprovoked, and planned attack.  Mula is clearly an extremely dangerous man.

"Mula answered no comment during his police interview.  During the trial he claimed self-defence and that he had the knife with him for a picnic, but on 13 January 2016, at Luton Crown Court, he was unanimously found guilty, by a jury, of two counts of attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon, after an 8-day trial, despite his denials.

"We have worked closely with Bedfordshire Police since this investigation was launched and as a result of the hard work and diligence of the prosecution team a just outcome has been achieved.  Shockingly, this incident occurred at a Children's Contact Centre where contact between children and estranged parents is facilitated.  The consequences of this incident could have been even more serious than they actually were, and highlight the dangers of carrying knives.  The CPS takes all allegations of violence and knife crime extremely seriously and will continue to vigorously prosecute all such offenders.

"Understandably, the events on that day have had a significant impact on the victims both physically and psychologically. I hope that the convictions and today's sentence will in some way help them to come to terms with the horrifying events with the knowledge that the person that subjected him to their terrible ordeal has been brought to justice.  Our thoughts are very much with them both at this time."

Detective Constable Scott Hannam, investigating, said: "The ferocious attack could easily have resulted in the death of either or both of the victims. This behaviour is intolerable.

"We are pleased that the jury has found him guilty for this violent behaviour and that he will spend a lengthy time behind bars.

"Domestic violence of any kind is not acceptable and we will work hard to bring those responsible to justice."