Man jailed for late night attack - Leighton Buzzard


Leighton Buzzard man Kyle Bangs has been jailed after a jury found him guilty of a late night attack on another young man in the centre of the town.

Bangs was part of a group that attacked Sasha Fuller.

The 20-year-old, of Gemini Close, Leighton Buzzard, found himself at Luton Crown Court , where a jury heard he kicked Mr Fuller in the face causing him a black eye and abrasions.

He pleaded not guilty to an offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

On Thursday, 10 January 2013, he was convicted of the charge. The jury took five hours and two minutes to deliver its verdict.

Judge David Farrell jailed him for 27 months.

Emilie Pottle prosecuting told the jury the assault on Mr Fuller took place in the early hours of 24 September 2011.

Giving evidence, Mr Fuller told the jury he had been out in Leighton Buzzard that night "socialising" with friends. He said at around 3.30 in the early hours of the 24th he and two others came across the defendant at the taxi rank in Lake Street. He said Mr Bangs wanted to use the mobile phone of one of his friends and he said his demeanour that night was "aggressive and confrontational."

Mr Fuller agreed he too had been "aggressive" and said when two other young men arrived on the scene to join the defendant as "back up," he and his friends walked off.

He said shortly afterwards one of his friends was struck by Mr Bangs who, with the others, then ran up Dudley Street. He told the jury "I followed them up Dudley Street - I stupidly followed them."

Mr Fuller then went on "They stopped and surrounded me. It became an argument and they were about to beat me up."

He said he turned to run, but tripped. While on the ground he said the other three punched and kicked him and he went on "I saw Kyle run up and kick me in the face and I curled up into a ball." He said he thought he was kicked around 10 times but didn't know by who.

Mr Fuller said he suffered a variety of cuts and bruises to his face, arms and body.

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